Focus on innovation,

not interoperability.

Let our Interoperability As A Service offering and cloud-native data refinery platform convert your chaotic healthcare data into connected information. 

Data interoperability is core to your business. 

But, it's probably not your core competency.

The complex and dynamic nature of creating and maintaining data interoperability is difficult, inefficient, and expensive.

While interoperability is a critical component of every healthcare system and solution, IT leaders

 must constantly juggle priorities or divert developer focus away from strategic development priorities to build and maintain its integration infrastructure.

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Standards & interfaces are constantly changing.


Requiring costly talent & scarce bandwidth to maintain. 

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Diverting teams away from core innovation.


Driving costs, causing deployment delays & impacting customer satisfaction .

Our approach: Interoperability As A Service

We provide turnkey interoperability capabilities through a world-class team of experts using a cloud-native data refinery platform to connect isolated data, normalize it, and put it to work for your customers and business. 

Our approach is to focus on the data application and workflow requirements, building and delivering an interoperability solution and not just a "black box" of interface calls and services. 

We handle interoperability, you handle core innovation and customer satisfaction.

Cloud-native design offers limitless scalability & robust security

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10BRIDGE's data refinery platform leverages the cloud to eliminate the scalability constraints associated with traditional client/server based solutions.  As needs grow, the platform automatically allocates system resources based on file size and volume requirements. No more server upgrades, no more channel limits, no more manual load balancing! The 10BRIDGE platform is constantly monitored to ensure robust end to end data connectivity and data security.

Turnkey services tailored to the needs of your business

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10BRIDGE offers a comprehensive set of capabilities and technology, tailored to the specific needs of each customer including:

  • System integration development

    • Integration business analysis & project management

    • Integration software development

    • Integration setup & configuration

    • Data translation mapping

  • 10BRIDGE interoperability technology platform

  • Services

    • System hosting & connectivity management

    • System monitoring, management & support

Zero touch environment means one less thing to manage

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10BRIDGE's data refinery platform offers built-in automation capabilities to enable you to focus on your core business. 

  • Scheduled data queries & extractions

  • Automated data controller & file management

  • Automated quality control, error notification & transaction re-submission​

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Lower cost of ownership

Because 10BRIDGE is delivered as a software-enabled interoperability service, customers can easily budget for and manage expenses. No more budget surprises - increasing server costs, software licenses or employee headcount expense!


The best in the business now work for you.

10BRIDGE’s team of interoperability experts are among the top interface developers in the healthcare IT industry, with decades of experience at leading technology firms.

Every interface is different and there is no manual, so experience matters!


interfaces created, connecting thousands of disparate systems.

High-traffic integrations handling 5MM+ 

transactions per day.

Integrations developed for 350+ IT systems.





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Robotic Process Automation

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